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From spending time as a stylist and working with clients for years to my time as an intern on set I learned that not everyone can envision things as instantly when it comes to dressing. Thats ok of course, everyone has different talents elsewhere. I found that styling is one of mine, and I love sharing it with everyone who comes to me for it. 

My first encounter with a new client, involved an exchange of small talk which eventually lead to life conversations. In the midst of the conversations we were trying to pick out her wear for an upcoming event. Finally coming to an empowering dress with the perfect fit, stepping into a 3 way mirror and seeing her smile, was the most rewarding part of the job. Its what inspired me to continue. I wake up in the morning feeling great, and confident in myself even more so dressing up to own the day.

I love getting to share that feeling of self confidence with someone else. When they’re finally in something they couldn’t imagine before, twirling left and right in the 3 way, peeking at a back view (as we all do ladies) and throwing your hands on your hips, pushing one hip slightly forward, because you finally feel great and ready to go! I enjoy taking part in making people look and feel their very best. 

There is a quote from Edith Head “you can have anything you want if you dress for it.” 

I agree!

So now I am offering a free service to anyone who needs the inspiration! Send me pics of a piece in your closet that maybe you are struggling to outfit, or a new piece you want to purchase but dont know how to wear. Or maybe you dont know where to start, period, and you need an entire outfit inspiration. Send me the pic or describe your needs and I will make your very own personal styling/mood board like the ones pictured here. 

Send it to: 

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game day girl


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Empire Strikes Back … in all Black

Canopus to Carina with LMC (35mm 5DII)


I had not expected receiving as many compliments as I did on this outfit. Something about childhood nostalgia maybe?

My boyfriend is a fan of the series and as of late had began purchasing the licensed products; Tshirts, lunchboxes, office supplies, etc. Part of the reason I was so apt to purchase a shirt myself was to play on his interests. You know, those moments when you’re in the honey moon stages (2+ years for us) of your relationship and you play in to each other’s favorites of this and that?

I was on the hunt for a top. They had them everywhere for men, but I had yet to locate one in women’s. Even when I searched online, all that had ever come up for me were Tshirts that looked as if they had ironed on designs, or like something you purchase out of a souvenir shop. I gave up on my search, when one day my boyfriend had called me up during a target trip. When I had the chance to get my eye on it, I was disappointed to see it was a muscle tank. It was hard to hide the disappointment on my face, but I laced my fingers through the hanger and carried it around the store anyway. I debated endlessly in my head on whether I wanted it that bad or not. I did my usual routine of trying to envision what pieces I would wear it with, and it was not quite clicking. By the time we reached the register, I paid for my cat food and handed the shirt back to the cashier. Not more than fifteen minutes after we had left, I spent more time envisioning the outfits in full that would include that shirt, and I wanted to turn around and purchase it. It wasn’t buyers remorse but it was like reversed buyers remorse! Ugh, and by that point I had already been too far to turn back around. 

Two days passed and I was still thinking about it. I made the trip to the target in my city, and told myself that if it was there, and in XS then it was meant to be. Sure enough they had it and I scooped it up. I texted him in excitement, as if I had accomplished a great challenge.

empire 2

I was however, still somewhat weary about the muscle cut on the arms. I didnt want my arms to look manly. I paired it with my black maxi skirt to bring back the feminine side, and yet play “the dark side” of the outfit (like that, see what I did?). Topped it off with some black booties and a silver abstract ring. Took a selfie, sent it to the boyfriend, grabbed my coffee from the keurig and was on my way to the office. 

Thankfully my office is quite welcoming of almost anything…and even more so of out of the box styling. No boring suits for us :) 

Well….may the force be with you!

Illustrating Alessandra

alessandra ambrosio

About another 20 minutes stood between me and the moment I would be in the chair next to her. Alessandra Ambrosio, Victoria’s Secret model was propped up on a black director’s chair, with bright lights facing her and the large promo ad behind her. The ad team, or maybe PR team was standing across from her behind the cameras. I kept reassuring myself with things like “you’ve worked with models for years, this isn’t anything new, models are in reality down to earth, you work in this industry, and blah blah blah.” In fact I still work with models today, everyday, except now-a-days they’re 5-14 year old girls. Totally different worlds! And it was true, I had, prior to this moment, worked with several fashion models, whether it was for print, ecommerce, even runway. Maybe it was the lights, or the camera, especially knowing I would be in the path of them this time instead of just the model.

My nerves had been diminished in the time where I began recalling all of my past experiences in the industry, and I found myself finally walking up to be seated next to her.

The night before, I kept pondering whether I would make this event or not. I had garment samples that I needed to pick up and competitor size runs that needed returned. It would be a squeeze but I would make it work. I began with an illustration of Alessandra as a head shot. Something along the lines of a more realistic quality, except the end result did not look like her at all. I had anticipated that from the beginning but thought I would give it a shot anyway, when that failed I easily abandoned that sketch and returned to my true stylization of illustrating. I chose a photo of her from a promo event in Chicago. Once completed I pulled it back at arms length to the fullest and said to myself, well I did it, so now I can’t NOT give it to her. I tucked it away in my work tote.

Her gaze lingered upon it as I situated myself in the seat next to her, and she asked if I had drawn that. I told her yes and she returned with “It’s gorgeous.” my nerves suddenly came back and before I could refrain from stupid comments I responded with “You’re gorgeous!” -_- Thankfully enough, she seemed to have such a busy day that it was most likely she would never remember the conversation that took place, including my slightly weird comment. She continued on with “I like your style,” to which of course I flushed. Who knows who else she could have said that to, but I don’t care, at that moment I was the only one in that chair so I pushed away any thought that the compliment may have been rehearsed.

It was a brief moment and I finally bid her an enjoyable rest of her afternoon. She had to move on to a promo event and I myself had to tend to my original objective, which was to pick up missing garment samples.

When I had finally arrived back to my office, a bag full of clothing in the passenger’s seat, and a photo of the event in the inside of my planner, I sat back in my driver’s seat a moment and recollected on the last hour. It wasn’t finding a cure for cancer, or discovering life on mars, but all the same it was a memorable moment for myself. Mostly it brought on some favorite memories in fashion; NYFW in 2012 and 2014, Paris fashion week, assisting the BCBG shoots, creating my own photoshoot with BCBG, project runway shoot, all of it….not that I had forgotten about them, but I don’t think about them as much b/c I find myself to be consistently focused on my future.

Needless to say it made my day, and sent me into la la land the rest of the afternoon. It was worth the scurrying for samples and a coffee for lunch (on the go no time to eat).

“When opportunities aren’t there, then create your own.” -from me to you! <3

Girl in the red coat


I have this journal purchasing addiction in where I tend to fall for every unique kitschy, positive quote promoting, journal or sketchbook that crosses my path. I pick it up, turn it around in my hands and envision everything is put in it….and how it will always be in my bag……I buy it and usually it ends up on a shelf in my room. Whomp Whomp

A few weeks ago I was in Chicago and came across this special notebook at “the art effect” in Lincoln park.


It had been made to be disguised as an old novel. The script on the front cover was in French, the pages inside included 1/3 lined, 1/3 grid, and 1/3 blank. I was rifling through the pages…with the same routine of thoughts going through my mind in purchasing this journal. $16……$16 to sit on my shelf. But it was so perfect! Or at least that’s what I said about every one I’ve purchased. I set it back on the shelf. A museum trip and two beers later I came back to the shop and purchased it. A holy light came down and angelic voices sang ……just kidding that was probably the beer speaking and the only noise I heard was the ring from the cash register after swiping my card.

I couldn’t stop looking at it and it’s potential. At home the first thing I did was tape tickets and brochures in there from Chicago and Portugal , my two most recent trips. Then I started to add quotes I liked and related to.


It was my friends birthday that had urged me to make use of the blank brown sheets in the back. The pencils and every curve on that paper felt right. The color laid so smoothly on the page. I was so inspired by the lady in red I drew another one.

And soon after that it lead me to bring out my Bristol pad and create more. I created an entire post card set and bundled that for my friend too.

I even doodled for my boyfriend though he had requested illustrations of cats instead of fashion figures.


The illustrations had generated conversations at work and among friends. A request was made for invitations. So for my weekend in San Francisco I packed up my journal and my various pencils and markers. I sat down at a Starbucks and began with a few. Smooth curved shadows, sharp definite lines.



This journal was not another shelf investment. It didn’t just give me a place to store things, it generated a whole line of inspired illustrations, and brought back my love for it!

Blonde ambition

A little bit of blonde, a little more ambition




I also take selfies, as seen above with the mint, with care of doing so while no one walks by to catch me in a moment of vanity.

I decided to bring my blonde back but in an artful way instead of the “almost tila tequila” look of blonde I had in college. A thought of several characters crossed my mind….cruella devil, rogue, an Oreo cookie? Idk, but it felt pretty great to walk into the office that week with new hair and an individual look. I expected a mix of feedback seeing as a stripe of color isn’t usual for the suburbs, but I do work for a fashion company, and I actually caught a handful of fans at work.

I did it to be unique, and to make a non verbal statement against a recent situation. It was a situation where my “confidence” was in question, so this was my push back, one of many to come, to prove them wrong, I chose not to fight with words but with visuals and a walk of radiance instead. it’s a small statement but bold enough to represent me. It made me feel a step more confident, and it made me feel like me…….also it more than satisfied my boredom, ha. I am after all one of those who gets bored so easily with hair and I am a sucker for shocking statements!

What is your shocking statement this summer?

Tom and Mary’s


I had been waiting to finally put this into action. For years now I’d wanted to open up a “shop” for vintage resale. I know there’s many out there and I hadn’t intended to be a big thing or even open up brick and mortar. I just wanted something to satisfy my vintage thrifting hobby and this is it. I’ve always been way too busy during my college years. I work full time in fashion now, with many other socializing events to follow, but this time I pushed to add this on my list of hobbies/to do’s. My boyfriend a few weeks ago had mentioned “opening up an etsy” together, and of course I jumped excitedly at the thought. At least this way there would be two of us managing, and I’d have a partner. 

So we got to work. He had a few jackets that have yet to be listed, and I had set out to buy a few pieces of my own. 

Here is the start of it. 



I’d never imagined I’d be sharing fashion business territory with my boyfriend. He is however in marketing and though I minored in it I’d say his brain is probably more useful in that aspect than mine. After all marketing and fashion go hand in hand if you want to make it a business. 




Check out the pieces here on our etsy shop “Tom and Mary’s”





Fashion Illustration

Took a sketching break….opened up a bottle of great lakes, sent some emails and opened up wordpress. I revamped my blog a little and added a few new pages which include my past designs and some of my fashion illustrations. I’ll be adding my portfolio on here soon too when i get the chance

Happy Sunday!


I had worked on some of these sometime after my senior year of design. I really wanted to play with mixed medias and stylization.