Blonde ambition

A little bit of blonde, a little more ambition




I also take selfies, as seen above with the mint, with care of doing so while no one walks by to catch me in a moment of vanity.

I decided to bring my blonde back but in an artful way instead of the “almost tila tequila” look of blonde I had in college. A thought of several characters crossed my mind….cruella devil, rogue, an Oreo cookie? Idk, but it felt pretty great to walk into the office that week with new hair and an individual look. I expected a mix of feedback seeing as a stripe of color isn’t usual for the suburbs, but I do work for a fashion company, and I actually caught a handful of fans at work.

I did it to be unique, and to make a non verbal statement against a recent situation. It was a situation where my “confidence” was in question, so this was my push back, one of many to come, to prove them wrong, I chose not to fight with words but with visuals and a walk of radiance instead. it’s a small statement but bold enough to represent me. It made me feel a step more confident, and it made me feel like me…….also it more than satisfied my boredom, ha. I am after all one of those who gets bored so easily with hair and I am a sucker for shocking statements!

What is your shocking statement this summer?

Tom and Mary’s


I had been waiting to finally put this into action. For years now I’d wanted to open up a “shop” for vintage resale. I know there’s many out there and I hadn’t intended to be a big thing or even open up brick and mortar. I just wanted something to satisfy my vintage thrifting hobby and this is it. I’ve always been way too busy during my college years. I work full time in fashion now, with many other socializing events to follow, but this time I pushed to add this on my list of hobbies/to do’s. My boyfriend a few weeks ago had mentioned “opening up an etsy” together, and of course I jumped excitedly at the thought. At least this way there would be two of us managing, and I’d have a partner. 

So we got to work. He had a few jackets that have yet to be listed, and I had set out to buy a few pieces of my own. 

Here is the start of it. 



I’d never imagined I’d be sharing fashion business territory with my boyfriend. He is however in marketing and though I minored in it I’d say his brain is probably more useful in that aspect than mine. After all marketing and fashion go hand in hand if you want to make it a business. 




Check out the pieces here on our etsy shop “Tom and Mary’s”





Fashion Illustration

Took a sketching break….opened up a bottle of great lakes, sent some emails and opened up wordpress. I revamped my blog a little and added a few new pages which include my past designs and some of my fashion illustrations. I’ll be adding my portfolio on here soon too when i get the chance

Happy Sunday!


I had worked on some of these sometime after my senior year of design. I really wanted to play with mixed medias and stylization. 









Old soul, young personality, woman’s body?



Ok, I know, judging by this picture, the only one that applies is “young personality.”

I promise if you met me you’d think I was almost too serious in a general sense that I really am in fact quite old. Its not until after you really get to know me that my young, very young side comes out. However I do wear my “Hello Kitty” on my sleeve. Obnoxious much? Can we throw me in rehab for it? Sure, a shirt or two seems normal, but have you seen my desk?


Yes this is my desk in a professional setting. heh. PROFESSIONAL. I do keep a professional face on though! I’m sure that doesn’t ease any distractions during quick meetings with my managers at my desk unfortunately.

How about these adorable sniff tissues that my coworker left on my desk Monday morning. What a sweet suprise it was.


Or have you seen my previous posts? My birthday where my team ordered a hello kitty shaped cake, the post with my own hello kitty designed dress? Yes this problem is quite extensive. I promise it doesnt stop there. You’ll catch me in meetings with hello kitty notebooks, pens, etc. I justify it with the fact that we work in a tween girl’s environment. I just happen to be the older version of our target customer. :)

Back to the outfit.

My mom had given me this sweater at christmas time. Hot pink, hello kitty, drop shoulder, crop sweater. Of course I loved it, but while I dont mind my office looking somewhat childish, I still like to look closer to my age. It had sat in my closet for the past few months waiting for the perfect outfit. I had a BCBG power skirt that would have been the perfect twist, had my cat not chewed a hole through it (that was a painful sight!). So I finally thought I’d do it simple. I wore it with a black cami and black leggings to make the Pink pop as the main focus. I topped it off with nude pumps and some charactered bracelets. Sure it wasn’t 100% “matured” but I didnt look like a total 10 year old either. I even reeled in a few compliments at the office.



Guess I don’t need the rehab.

Afterall Betsey Johnson is all about young and fun and wild, and she markets to 20 somethings too.

You can never be too old to wear your favorites if you do it right!




Preppy in pink


I go through moods and that’s usually what determines my outfits. Kinda the same way you are in the mood for pizza vs. steak today. Mood isnt the only factor that contributed to this outfit though. I have worn through all of my leggings and haven’t done laundry in a while so my remaining options were jeans.

It’s been bitterly cold lately, so the slight temperature increase inspired the bright colors in hopes for spring weather to come.

How to piece it together:


1. Navy tank with white anchor repeat pattern – the limited

2. Navy short fitted blazer with Ralph Lauren Ivy League patch

3. Statement necklace with multiple chains and extravagant “jewels”

4. Bright pink jeans


Ehh kinda matched my work supplies too.

Kinda hard not to fall into the pink trap when you work for a girls company. Pink planner and pink pen in corporate world, yes they’re totally ok with it :)



NYFW Herve Leger ’14 backstage

Here as promised. My second NYFW yet! Backstage at the Herve Leger by Max Azria. February 8, 2014 at Lincoln Center, New York, NY.

A special thanks to my friend Miss Teresa Divencenco and her roommates for lending me a place to stay during that crazy weekend.

 Extra booties, belts, and clutches

 photo 3 photo 4

Hair and make up with the models

photo 5 photo 6

garments and model boards on racks

photo 7 photo 8

runway…….backstage press

photo 9 photo 10

photo 11 photo 12 photo 13 photo 14

photo 15 photo 16

Interviews with Lubov Azria. Photo Ops with the models.

photo 17 photo 18 photo 19 photo 20

backstage team pep talk

photo 21 photo 22

Image on the right is model Coco Rocha being interviewed

photo 23 photo 24 photo 25 photo 26

Image on the right is Jesse Metcalfe from John Tucker Must Die

photo 27 photo 28 photo 29 photo 30

Petra Nemcova on the left, and Max Azria on the right.

photo 31 photo 32 photo 33 photo 34

Models ready to hit the runway!

photo 35 photo 36 photo 37

Designers, Creative Directors, CEOs and Models. Grand Finale.

photo 38 photo 39

These gorgeous amazonian women next to me….made me look even shorter than my almost 5′ something self already is.