candies and cuties for charities



Our company is constantly donating to charities and helping out in the community. During the month of september we set aside an entire week dedicated to the United Way charity fund holding various fund raisers. 

Ever since I graduated I still have the constant urge to create and design on the side, outside of my daily fashion job. This project opportunity was too perfect. The office was holding a “bazaar” for co workers to team up and sell homemade goods. 100% of profits would go to the United Way Charity.

I saw this as my chance to design and give back to something to a community I cared about. I stand firm when I say I feel that your talents should be used to better the world. I feel more purposeful in life when I feel like I can improve someone else’s quality of life, even if its in the smallest way. No this is not my miss america speech, I really truly care about uplifting the spirits around me, it makes me feel like i’ve done something. I was so greatful to have been born into a family with parents who worked hard and provided well for my siblings and myself, who cared enough to support us in our everyday challenges. I want to share those feelings with someone else, give someone else inspiration or hope.

I teamed up with one of my co workers who was also familiar with creating baby clothes / children’s wear. Together we came up with a cohesive collection. We chose “vintage” print fabrics, using more contemporary silhouettes (hers) and some classic silhouettes (mine). When I designed I looked into research sites like WGSN and WeConnectFashion, but I also thought about how I would dress my own tots (if I had any). I know people always talk about how pointless it is to buy nice clothes for babies since they grow so fast, but I cant help it. I love the idea of little ones in the hottest fashions. You think it looks great on adults, you should see them on mini’s! 

Anyway so we set up shop together. Our theme was of course a “Sweet Shoppe,” our props included cupcakes, candy sticks in mason jars, and homemade frosted lollipop cookies. 


She had made “cat doll” plushies to sell along with the collection, which were a definate driver! In fact we sold out of all of them except one. 

It was a fun event. We had plenty of buyers and raised money for a good cause. 

It inspired me to want to continue the baby clothes thing…..even though I don’t have babies of my own….I can’t help the cuteness of things in miniature version, I love it…….so maybe an ETSY shop in the near future? 

We shall see!!


Here are a few of my designs. 



My partner made the rack below to hang our designs!