Sunday Stroll

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It was time for a weekend in Georgetown. My grandfather was celebrating a birthday and the family flew in from all over to stay at my aunt’s in Vienna, VA, the Washington DC area. It had probably been about a decade since we had a reunion like this, all of us together. The third generation already in their 20’s, when what seemed like only a few years ago we were only in our teens. There were drinks shared, laughs, food, and photo album fishing, reminiscing about the old times like we were old timers ourselves.

It was fun having us all together in a new light yet in the same humor.

We celebrated at the family favorite “Sushi Yama” in Vienna. Poor Lolo was a bit of a grump at the start of our dinner, yet I guess that can be expected in the birthdays of your senior years.



We decided to dedicate a day to a walk around Georgetown, a quaint trendy area in DC. Our lunch started out at the infamous French chain “Paul.” We delighted ourselves in perfectly portioned sandwhiches, quinoa salmon salad and macaroons for desert.


Our experiences in the neighborhood were mainly our indulgences in the food and spirits. Our first stop was at “Thunder” for drinks. We then hopped over a few shops down for ice cream. That stop was soon followed by Starbucks and then topped off with the infamous cupcake bakery Sprinkles. Hmm sounds like the trip of a group of children at Wonka’s factory. Nope, just a group of 20 somethings enjoying what Georgetown had to offer. My diet was shoved to the back seat. All in all it was an enjoyable trip too quick with great company. 

georgetown    sunny selfie


What did I step out in for this lovely weekend stroll? 

sunday stroll main


Happy Strolling! 

Want more details on the restaurants we tried? The outfit I’m wearing? shoot me an email



Look what the cat dragged in

cat me pose


I had bought my pair for fun after work with my friend to meet up for happy hour drinks. I don’t know what it was that compelled me to do it other than the fact that I LOVE CATS! I am THAT crazy cat lady. We were trying on different accessories and I pulled those cat ears from the peg, and after that they stuck on my head…even heading into the restaurant, knowing I’d encounter people I had never met before. “1st impressions are everything,” so I guess I didn’t care if they thought that I thought I was a cat. Funny enough it had turned out to be a great conversation starter (almost too much of an opening for some guys, eek). I kept them on the whole night. 

Today I thought I would try them at work, and sure enough they were a hit there too. In fact we had started our sample sale today and everyone else had snagged all the cat ears available, before I could dig through the right boxes and snag them for myself! What a fail! 

So anyway, work…how do you wear them to work, or public in general? Without looking like either A. a crazy cat lady, or B. like you are super early on the Halloween costume. 

Try a chic and playful outfit like the one below: 

cat whole outfit

1. My black dress is from LUSH at Nordstrom

2. Headband – f21

3. Golden bow necklace – f21

4. Affirmation bangles – BCBGeneration

5. My black pumps – Charlotte Russe

6. Fluffy kitty…..well I have two, one siamese mix named scarlett and one orange tiger named Mr. Darcy ❤

cat my headbands

There are so many kinds out there too! Mine are the leopard print and the rhinestone topped. But there’s  velvet, studded, lace, floral, anything to fix your fancy!

So who’s wearing them? Well from what I saw it seemed that dear Taylor Swift started it, then you’ve got model Candace Swanepoel, and then some more models, and now us…or me anyway. 

cat pinterest


Bring out that feisty feline! Try something a little fun and purrrty 🙂

“On Wednesdays we wear pink!”

on weds we wear pink


Can you tell I love that movie, I’ve quoted it enough throughout my writing. 

I stumbled across the Harper’s Bazaar September 2014 cover on twitter (come follow me MAlifeinFashion), and decided to revisit my pink high school days. After all, I’ve been on this pastel hair hype and my lavender had already gone through its three shampoos and washed away. It was late at night and I had originally intended the late night Walmart trip to provide me with a bag of cheetos and much needed allergy meds, but I shimmied over to the beauty dept just in case. JUST IN CASE my butt! I knew why I walked over there. I really wanted to color my streak again and this time a new color, so I quickly scanned the shelves and grabbed the pink. I tried to make it quick to make up for the fact that I told myself this would be an in and out 5 minute trip. 

The pink set in, I snapped a shot and sent it to my boyfriend in the morning, who to no surprise shot me back with a teasing comment. He’s not one for unnatural colors, and neither is my dad. I returned his comment with a screenshot of the Harper’s cover knowing it would be a failed attempt at convincing him. As if a fashion magazine would suddenly gain me his acceptance haha, I knew better. My work peers however, had welcomed it. and how could they not? An associate in the creative department has been donning lavender locks, while the accessories designer has been flaunting fuchsia in her pony tail. The director of fabric and color dipped her ends in red kool-aid while the director of marketing wore peek-a-boos of purple. It’s a world of color at my office and they’re not afraid to let it out. 

I wish I had my old pictures to recall my old pink locks. It was only a few years ago….shall we do a flashback? 

….AVRIL Lavigne days as she calls it…..

joanneOh, how they say, fashion recycles itself. From 2006 she says, so about 8 years ago. I could only laugh when she shared her hair coloring days with me, because boy do I know what its like to look at my own pictures from a few years ago donning outfit choices where I can now add critical commentary. She blamed this one on Avril’s influences. But hey I think the hair looks good. 

Now that I’ve got “hey hey you you I don’t like your girlfriend” repeating itself in my mind …. and possibly out loud…………

Just like the lavender, this was an easy hair project. Like I said earlier, picked up during the Walmart trip. The temporary, wash out kind, “splat” for about $3.99. Not bad for a “something new” look for a day, then you have extra left over for later days. Or you could do what my fabric/color director did, plus Kool-aid has an encyclopedia long list of flavors and so you’re choices to color are unlimited. Sorta.  

So what color or maybe even flavor will you be flaunting? 

send some pics! I’d love to see! Jealous if you can get a full head. Unfortunately attempting to pastel my whole head would result in bleaching and frying, so I’ll put a stop to that here.   <-send pics here. 🙂