2016: new year new blog?

I should probably make it a resolution of mine to pick a focus for this blog and stick to it. I had initially started this as a fashion blog outlining my journey after fashion school. It turned out being that, plus random style blurbs, to illustrations, memoirs, lol just all around random splashes of what I felt like writing about at the time. 

As I scroll through the reader and browse about online and read other blogs I envy how everyone seems to have a focus and some consistency. I can never seem to settle down with one for myself. I’m always changing interests ideas thoughts. I’m actually that way in quite a few other aspects within my life. I don’t mind it but I’m sure it drives some unfortunate peers crazy. 

Anyway…so what, what does it become for the new year? My public diary for more blurbs as a professional fashion designer? Style tips? Inspiration images? Idk yet…guess we shall see! 

In the meantime definitely Check out my other site http://www.maryanncarandang.com for frugal fashion finds 


Www.pinkbowlove.com for accessories designed by me! 

At least I can say I have those two in focus 😉


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